Driving limits and breaks aren’t simply guidelines you need to follow; they are vital to your safety and the wellbeing of other road users. You should comprehend the significance of driving cutoff points and breaks, and what the guidelines state.

Obviously, a few firms have found workarounds, for example, utilising vehicles like short wheelbase Sprinter vans, which fall outside the extent of the guidelines, yet is this a viable option? Most likely it’s more financially savvy and effective to run bigger vehicles and adhere to the guidelines?

There is still a ton of misinterpretation about what precisely is ‘driving’ and the effect that even brief times of recorded driving movement has on a driver’s week by week activities.

“A break is any period during which a driver may not carry out any driving or any other work and which is used exclusively for recuperation. A break may be taken in a moving vehicle, provided no other work is undertaken.”

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